Chauffeurs Directory

29 / November / 2015 | Posted in Blog

Chauffeur’s Directory is a one-stop shop for all your car and bus hire needs. The directory is easy to use and navigate. Simply choose the service you are looking for, as well as the area in the directory boxes at the top of the page. Chauffeur Directory’s purpose is to make choosing the vehicle... Read More


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Your wedding day is a special event, and at Chauffeur’s Directory, we have a fantastic range of stretch limousines and sedans for the occasion. Limousines are a great option for carrying large numbers of people in style. If you need a smaller vehicle, sedans are also a good choice. Not only are li... Read More

Buses for wedding guest transfers

29 / November / 2015 | Posted in Blog

Wedding parties can, at times, boast numbers of groups into the hundreds. Whether your wedding party is large or small, at Chauffeur’s Directory, we have some amazing options for your special day. Need to get a large number of guests from the church to the reception? Why not hire a bus to ensure t... Read More

Buses for school formals

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Who could forget the anticipation and excitement of your first big school formal? This is a wonderful time in a young life, so why not make it easy for the kids and yourself by hiring a bus to transport guests to the school for... Read More

Coach tours

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Sports, community and social groups need look no further than Chauffeur’s Directory for their needs. Whether your group be 5 or 50, we have a transportation method that will suit you. From mini-buses to luxury coach charters, and everything in-between, we can pick you up from the airport and drive... Read More

Vintage and classic cars

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Vintage and classic cars make a real statement, whether it be for a wedding, school formal, or just for that special night out. These cars make for a fantastic photo opportunity and our drivers are more than willing to drive you to a special spot and position the car so you have the ultimate photo k... Read More

4 Limousines – 3 x 12 seaters and 1 x 8 seater. – Lincoln limousines

29 / November / 2015 | Posted in Blog

2 Lincoln Lear jet 12 seater Limousines - only 2 in the southern hemisphere, 1 12 seater Lincoln Limousine and 1 8 seater Lincoln Limousine, All with low mileage, Imported from USA by Current Owner and compliance with Australian regulations and ... Read More


Chauffeur's Directory: Your Source for the Best in Luxury Limo Hire Services

Hiring limousines is a popular choice for weddings, formals and other special events. With our extensive range of luxury limo hire vendors, you'll find the right chauffeur car hire company to meet your limo needs.

Limousines are great to hire for wedding cars. Limos look great and they also have plenty of room so they can fit the entire wedding party in one or two limousines if necessary.

Many luxury limo hire companies offer a range of extra services and packages to suit your specific requirements. If your needs are related to you make an entrance, but limos also ensure you can fit plenty of people in one limo which

to your wedding day, there are plenty of professional operators that hire out everything from red carpet limo services to champagne refreshments served in the limo.

Luxury limo hire is always popular during the high school formal time of year. This is not only because limousines look great and will ensure you make an entrance, but limos also ensure you can fit plenty of people in one limo which also drives down the overall cost per head for the limo hire service.

Stretch limo hire is also a good option if you need to hire something a little bigger or just want a limo with added X factor.

If you are planning a special night or birthday why not book chauffeur car hire? Being driven in a limo while you enjoy complete comfort and style is the best way to celebrate a special occasion or a loved one’s milestone birthday.

When booking with a luxury limo hire company make sure you have an idea in mind of the date and the amount of hours you’ll want the limo for. If you also want to ensure that the limo has certain features or there are certain packages available, make sure you have a rough idea of what you’re looking for before you call. Our companies are happy to help and will always provide you with the best experience possible.

Our extensive list of luxury limo hire companies across the country can offer you specific packages depending on what your needs are. Our vendors are friendly and professional and will always ensure you have the best chauffeur car hire experience possible.