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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why advertise on the internet?

The internet is a rapidly expending directory where you can find, while sitting at home, just about everything imaginable. Your site can appear in hundreds of different variations of keyword searches; unlike more traditional means such as "The Yellow Pages" where you normally appear in only one category. The internet is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week advertising your services.

Q. If I change my phone number how long before I see the changes online?

As soon as you let me know what you want to change then I can do it immediately in most cases. There is no waiting for the phone directory to come out the following year or to place another ad in the quarterly magazine. Also all changes are done free of charge.

Q. How does Chauffeurs Directory promote the site.

We are constantly optimising the site to match the major search engines requirements. This makes sure that we rank high when a client searches for your services.

Q. If I am a member of the Chauffeurs Directory and a customer emails the directory requesting a quote what do you do?

We do receive a lot of requests like that and we direct the customer back to the members page.

Q. Do you take a commission for doing this?

No. We charge nothing for this service. You are free to negotiate with the customer on price and we do not interfere.
If you would like more details on advertising use the contact form to let me know your location and type of vehicle ( eg, sedan, bus, stretch limo, vintage car ). N.B. Chauffeurs Directory reserves the right to remove links to any website were it is found that the site is sending spam email, spamming search engines or using unethical techniques to influence their search engine rankings.