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Red Car Tours wedding car hire Perth
Red Car Tours
Red Car Tours b

Phone: 0415884742


Location: Perth


Her name  is 'Sophia' And she is sexy, classy, passionate and aging gracefully. She requires no cosmetics to be stylish, classic and beautiful. She is a natural beauty and a force of nature, powerful yet gentle.

She loves company, to travel, to participate in that special day or anniversary.

She visits wineries, vineyards, the river and golden beaches.

She can take 4 people. Three as well as me - her companion (nobody "owns" a car like this).

Convertible, so that you can experience the roar of the engine and the wind through your hair, or choose to cruise quietly towards your destination.

Always bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, a wedding dress - just in case ... you never know...

Fees: 120-00 per hour from time of pick up.