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Need a company?

Need a company?

16 / December / 2018 | Posted in Blog

Maybe you want to slide out of the back of a limo alone like Jim Carrey in The Mask, making sure all the attention is on you, but arriving with an entourage has its benefits too. Chauffeur Directory provide their guests with 12 seater limousines, buses, or airport transfers if you and your friends are returning from a bachelorette party that got a bit out of hand and chucked on a few frequent flyer miles.

Plenty of people suffer from “Arrival Anxiety” or pre-wedding jitters, and one of the best ways to combat this is to have the people you love by your side as you step (carefully) out of your transport. It takes the focus off you, allowing you to centre yourself. And, if you’ve got great friends, you can always dress them barefoot and in hessian sacks to emphasise your own beauty. It’s your day, right?

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